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One Year. One Goal. Write!

Welcome to WriYe 2021!



A new year. A new start. Get to writing!


Find inspiration, sign up for challenges, meet new people, and share your progress over at the WriYe Forums!


To participate in WriYe, first you must determine your desired goal for the year. Taking that goal, sign up and work towards it from 01 January to 31 December until you've reached the end.


See what's going on this month and all year long under the What's Going on in WriYe tab and the Challenge Calendar tab.




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About WriYe

Inspired by National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), National Novel Writing Year was born in 2003: a year-long writing event that stretches your creativity and determination to an entirely different level. In 2009, however, we decided to officially drop the "NaNo" from our name to acknowledge that this is not just a National event, but instead an International one. Also, most people will be writing multiple works over the course of the year, thus rendering the "Novel" aspect as too limiting.

Thus we became WriYe, Writing Year.



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